We designed a collection launched within a streetwear brand for women, intended to feel edgy, celebrating the women rebels & outcasts of society using trendy words, catchphrases, and imagery.

The main goal was to make sure we gave them an excellent foundation to start, so before we started the design process, we established a tone of voice for the collection used throughout the project, and what we came up with was “angry and aggressive.”

What we did

Apparel Design

Apparel Prototype

Tone Of Voice

Branded Content



When thinking about the collection & color theory, the color that came to mind for the word “edgy” was black, so we designed each piece considering black garments with white text.



Our thought process about actual pieces in the collection, considering the pandemic & complications that clothing manufacturers were having, we decided to keep things simple & go with local suppliers, focusing on T-shirts, joggers, and neckbands. T-shirts were printed on Gildan Softstyle tees, joggers were by American Apparel, and the neckbands were custom. 

Knowing that we had a solid foundation concerning the tone of voice, colors, and actual textiles, it was time to start designing. We used words like opps, rebel, and phrases like embrace the narrative. To bring more clarity to the collection, we used newspaper articles highlighting past crimes done by women.

We tied everything together with custom scenes done in-studio using Bria V. Smith as our model, keeping the vibe of edginess going utilizing multiple LED lights, newspaper articles, and props to tell the vision in greater detail.

As part of the experience, we designed a lookbook explaining the meaning of the collection that would ship with every first order purchased.

We created a series of social media posts to engage fans and attract new followers.

Lastly, we created a visual to use on their website, social media ads, etc…